Enthusiast: Creating a Collective

If you’ve successfully installed Enthusiast, you can set up your collective. You must have it installed to follow this tutorial.

Your collective is a collection or group of the fanlistings that you own and/or join. It isn’t essential to have one, but Enthusiast allows for this, which makes it easy if you actually do have a lot of joined and/or owned fanlistings.

Setting up

Locate the config.php file that is located outside of the enth2 folder in the download. If you are unsure, return to your downloaded folder, open it, and the config.php you see there is the one you’ll be looking at.

Open config.php with a text editor, such as Notepad. You only need to change the following for your database information:

database info

Save the changes. Now you must upload the file to your website. Place it in the same directory you want the collective to be in. If you wanted your collective to be on your main website such as my-collective.com, you would upload it without any folders.

If you are planning on using a subdomain, obviously you would upload the file to the respective subdomain folder.


Creation is easy. If you have a layout ready, you can use those files. If not, you can create the pages for joined fanlistings, owned fanlistings and affiliates.

The files must have a .php extension. You might have the following files:

Joined fanlistings

Paste the following code on joined.php, or where you want your joined fanlistings to appear.

<?php include 'config.php';
$show_list = false;
include ENTH_PATH . 'show_joined.php'; ?>

By default, you will see a drop-down menu asking you to a select a category to view fanlistings in. If you want to show the categories in a bulleted list, change “false” to true.

Owned Fanlistings

Paste the following code on owned.php, or where you want your owned fanlistings to appear.

<?php include 'config.php';
$status = 'STATUS';
$hide_dropdown = false;
$show_list = false;
$show = 'SHOW';
include ENTH_PATH . 'show_owned.php'; ?>

You must edit “STATUS” to read one of the following:

Personally, I put “current” because I only want to show people the fanlistings I have open and running, not the ones I am working on or that don’t exist.

Setting $hide_dropdown to true will remove the default drop-down menu that asks you to select a category.

Setting $show_list to true will show a bulleted list to select a category instead of a drop-down menu.

Setting $show to all will show all fanlistings. (If you want to show a particular category by default, put the number of that category in place of “SHOW”. You can find the category numbers in the Enthusiast admin panel.)


Paste the following code on affiliates.php, or where you want your affiliates to appear.

<?php include 'config.php';
include ENTH_PATH . 'show_collective_affiliates.php'; ?>


Upload all the files to your website (eg. my-collective.com) and you should be able to see your fanlistings. If you encounter problems, ensure that your path is correct.

You have set up a basic fanlisting collective! Now, if you want to display certain collective statistics on your homepage or sidebar, visit this tutorial on Enthusiast collective statistics.