Enthusiast: Installation

Enthusiast is a script designed for managing a fanlisting collective as well as the fanlistings within it. It can be used for other cliques or listings as well.

There is an install/readme file in the script’s download. However, I have written this tutorial because I have received some requests from web owners who are having trouble configuring the script and following those instructions.

Visit this website to download the latest version of Enthusiast.

Click on Version 3.1.5, and “Start Download” to begin the download.

You will also need:

When the download has finished, extract or unzip the files to your computer. Usually this can be done by the secondary click of the mouse, and clicking “extract files”.

In the enth3 folder within the download package, open config.php with Notepad or your text editor. This is the file inside the enth3 folder, NOT the one outside!

As you are only a beginner, you only need to change the following for your database information:

database info

localhost is usually the same. Type in your information within the apostrophes. Make sure you don’t accidentally delete them, either.

After doing that, save the file and log in to your FTP.

Upload the whole enth3 folder to your website. You can rename the folder if you like. I use Enthusiast on my fanlisting collective, and all these files are in eyethief.com/e. Simply place it in a folder. There is no need to create any fanlisting or collective just yet – this is only the folder for the administration panel.

After uploading, visit yoursite.com/enthfolder/install.php.

Follow the instructions on this page – they are explained well so make sure you take your time and read carefully.

Type in a password you will remember. This is the password you will use for Enthusiast to manage your fanlistings and collective.

Note that there are a number of settings for the collective. A collective will be where you place all the fanlistings you have owned and joined, as well as updates and affiliates, if any. If you need an example simply visit my collective.

The name is pretty self explanatory. The URL may be on a subdomain. You can make a blank subdomain for now, if you are only planning one fanlisting.


For the technical settings, it’s best to log errors. The rest of the settings should be already put in for you, and the instructions specify what the paths should look like. You should not have to edit these.

A few minor things explained:

Root path (web)
The URL of your website, for example http://yoursite.com/. Make sure you use the trailing slashes at the end of paths and URLs in this installation, so that errors are avoided.

Not important, but it will be displayed on your fanlistings and around your collective when you choose to display the date. Visit php.net/date for further variables, if you want the date to be in a specific format.

Number of items per page
How many items are displayed when you are logged into your admin panel and editing. Don’t make it too large!

Ignore the mailing settings; you will most likely not need to touch these if you’re a beginner.

Leave the image folder settings. (In future, if you use images for joined and owned fanlistings and affiliate buttons, simply create the directories in yoursite.com/enthfolder/ and CHMOD the whole directory to 755.)

Click “Install Enthusiast”.

You will be asked if you would like to include the categories from the fanlistings at TheFanlistings.org. Do so, because it will make things a lot easier.

When that is done you can log in by going to yoursite.com/enthfolder/ and logging in with the password you set during installation.

You have successfully installed Enthusiast!