WordPress Theme: Overview

After popular demand (or just demand) I have decided to write this tutorial on creating a WordPress theme.

Some things about this tutorial:

The files you will need

style.css — the ultimate flesh of your website, but you don’t need to be too concerned about this right now to be able to make a WordPress theme work. It’s just for the fancy stuff.
index.php — the homepage. Self explanatory; pretty much the body of your homepage.
header.php — the head of all your pages. Usually contains metadata and other fun stuff.
sidebar.php — the sidebar of all your pages. You may or may not have/need one, but for this tutorial, you will.
footer.php — the feet of all your pages, so to speak.
single.php — a version of index.php especially for single posts/entries.
page.php — a version of index.php especially for single pages created in WordPress.
comments.php — the file that displays the comments and the comments form.

I could have made this tutorial extremely basic and only included index.php and style.css but that would be far too easy and we all like a little challenge, don’t we?

Other things you will need